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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Thursday Trends -> New Nudes!

(Photo from Company Magazine March 2010)

Think light creams and pale pinks...

I purchased this top from Forever21 in February 2009 because I liked the embroidery detail on the front. Usually when I buy a new item I think about what other things in my wardrobe it will compliment. However, this was an “impulse buy”, something I try to avoid. So for months it just sat in my closet, taking up space. I wasn’t sure if the color, a pale pink/nude, truly suited my complexion. I was even less sure of the shape. Baggy/loose fitting items tend to make small people look even smaller. Not exactly what I was going for. But then I pulled it out one day and decided to build an outfit around it. That’s what I do, I pick an item to start with, a top, or shoes, maybe a dress and I pull out other things that might work with it. I like matching up nudes with blacks and dark greys to balance it out. Now it’s one of my favourite tops!

For Fall pair with jeans or thigh high socks!

Boots or sneakers! (Yes I own sneakers! lol)

For Summer pair with caged black heels!

Don't forget your shades!

For a casual day around the house, ballet slippers are a must!

This is also my outfit of the day. Hope you like it! =)

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