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Monday, 31 May 2010

Birthday Weekend! (Part 2)

A night out with the girls...
*    *    *
The show was held at the Liberty theatre.

It looked to be a pretty interesting line up, with part proceeds going to charity.
The show started with a skit, The Reunion, which unfortunately fell a little flat for me.
Intermission was spent exploring the Farmer's Market setup in the hall.
Next the clothes...the real reason I wanted to attend.
Men's fashion featuring shirts with graphic designs.
Ladies in bright prints.
Long and short....
But the best part of the show was definitely the kids!
They showed the most personality... us that catwalk attitude!

(Side note: There was also a lingerie section featuring Secrets and a sexy Tango presentation by Sabor Dance School. Sorry no pics.)
Overall, I loved the idea of the show but the execution was a little sloppy. Hopefully if they do another it will be more organized. 

From there my friends and I went club hopping. Here's my Outfit of the Night!
 Black dress with cutout floral print from Jane Norman.
*       *       *

Next Gibbons Fashion Show!
Bye for now. :0)

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