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Friday, 16 December 2011

Review of the Kardashian Kollection

I promised a review of the Kardashian Kollection and here it is...
After browsing the website on I selected 3 dresses.

The first reminded me of dresses Kim often wears on the show. I chose this slate grey color because it works for winter and summer. I'm quite pleased with the material quality of the dress and the shape which broadens my generally slim shoulders...  unfortunately the zipper was completely jammed making it impossible to close the dress. (thus no pics from the back) Hopefully this is an isolated incident. :(  

My second dress has an all over pink, purple and black pattern and fits perfectly... only problem is this is not the dress I ordered. : / (and yes I checked the order confirmation...)

After trying it on a few times I do like the dress but it's a little annoying not to have the one I wanted in the first place.

My favorite purchase is the tattoo dress! The striking black and white pattern is bold and the scooped out back is just a little daring.  ;)


Warning: Only wear if you like being the center of attention!

Overall the quality is similar to stores like and the prices comparable. FYI, if you're small framed like me I only fit into XS petite at whereas I fit in the regular XS for the Kardashian Kollection.
Oh and I just checked the website and the Kardashian Kollection is on sale again! Later Dolls!