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Monday, 31 May 2010

Birthday Weekend! (Part 2)

A night out with the girls...
*    *    *
The show was held at the Liberty theatre.

It looked to be a pretty interesting line up, with part proceeds going to charity.
The show started with a skit, The Reunion, which unfortunately fell a little flat for me.
Intermission was spent exploring the Farmer's Market setup in the hall.
Next the clothes...the real reason I wanted to attend.
Men's fashion featuring shirts with graphic designs.
Ladies in bright prints.
Long and short....
But the best part of the show was definitely the kids!
They showed the most personality... us that catwalk attitude!

(Side note: There was also a lingerie section featuring Secrets and a sexy Tango presentation by Sabor Dance School. Sorry no pics.)
Overall, I loved the idea of the show but the execution was a little sloppy. Hopefully if they do another it will be more organized. 

From there my friends and I went club hopping. Here's my Outfit of the Night!
 Black dress with cutout floral print from Jane Norman.
*       *       *

Next Gibbons Fashion Show!
Bye for now. :0)

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Birthday Weekend! (Part 1)

Birthday Haul!
Just some bits and pieces I got for my birthday!
Yay! Another floral dress! =)
I've been wearing this brand of jeans since college, love the fit!
 So excited to wear this!
 Tops & shorts, a staple in summertime attire when you live on an island.
This jewelry would have complimented my outfit in Brunch with Friends perfectly!
 Does this look familiar? 
The great thing about having a fashion blog is that your friends and family don't have to guess what items you're lusting over. I blogged about this clutch in Shopping @ Sail On and my friend Shanty bought it for my bday! Thanks Shanty! *hugs* 

Side Note: This clutch really is the perfect size! It can easily hold credit card, cash, id, lipgloss, lipstick, cellphone, compact mirror, keys and more.

Outfit of the Day!

Cream ruffled blouse, dark demin capris & cream heels! Tres Chic!

Check back tomorrow for Part 2!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

New Look Haul!

*           *            *

Caged Black Heels with Buckle detail!
I'm wearing them in this pic!

Here's another pair I was looking at...

My Caramel Lace-Ups! The heels are lower and chunkier than the pair below, great for a long day at work or dancing all night! ;-)

Here's the bag I got for Christmas. It matches the shoes and belt perfectly. Yummy leather, it's sooo soft! ^_^

*           *          *

Cream Flutter Tunic with Lace back!

Alternate option below...

Black Lace Tunic!

Black Corsage Top! Click on the photo to see full details.

Nude and Black Striped Tunic with Bow detail! I wore this with black leggings and boots on a weekend away. Sexy and Chic!

Phew! That's all folks! :0)

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Thursday Trends -> New Nudes!

(Photo from Company Magazine March 2010)

Think light creams and pale pinks...

I purchased this top from Forever21 in February 2009 because I liked the embroidery detail on the front. Usually when I buy a new item I think about what other things in my wardrobe it will compliment. However, this was an “impulse buy”, something I try to avoid. So for months it just sat in my closet, taking up space. I wasn’t sure if the color, a pale pink/nude, truly suited my complexion. I was even less sure of the shape. Baggy/loose fitting items tend to make small people look even smaller. Not exactly what I was going for. But then I pulled it out one day and decided to build an outfit around it. That’s what I do, I pick an item to start with, a top, or shoes, maybe a dress and I pull out other things that might work with it. I like matching up nudes with blacks and dark greys to balance it out. Now it’s one of my favourite tops!

For Fall pair with jeans or thigh high socks!

Boots or sneakers! (Yes I own sneakers! lol)

For Summer pair with caged black heels!

Don't forget your shades!

For a casual day around the house, ballet slippers are a must!

This is also my outfit of the day. Hope you like it! =)

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Shopping @ Sail On!

It's finally starting to get warm here in Bermuda and I'm excited about all the summer trends. 
Starting with, Sexy Summer Clutches!

 (photo from Red Magazine May 2010 edition)
Walking around town, I headed in one of my favourite stores, Sail On!

This is a great store if you're looking for cute individual pieces. They only bring in a few of each item, meaning your almost guaranteed not to see them all over the island!

I think red is a great statement color and I loved the polka dot lining in this little clutch!

Sail On has a whole rainbow of colours for you to choose from!
Prices range from $20-$50.

The yellow one really caught my eye! ^_^

This yellow "snake-skin" clutch with twist lock closure and chain strap says Sleek, Sexy, Sophistication!

It has a built in card holder with pockets on the side for your cellphone and a lipstick! Everything you need for a night out!
So if you've never been in Sail On, check it out today!

Happy Shopping! =)

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

At Last Bridal Boutique!

In 2007 my mom accomplished a life long dream of starting her own business!

At Last Bridal Boutique opened offering a wide range of bridal & formal attire, as well as shoes, gloves, veils and accessories.

At Last Bridal Boutique is the exclusive retailer in Bermuda for:


The best part of my mom owning a bridal boutique, the dresses of course!
There is an annual bridal show on the island, usually held at the Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel, so she orders a dress for me to model! 

(photos taken when my hair was shorter and red)

My mom's got a great eye for what style dress will flatter her client's figure. I instantly feel more glamorous when I put on this dress!

Prom Season is just around the corner and if you don't have a dress yet you should definitely make an appointment!
Bye guys! =)