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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Outfits that work for spring, summer, fall & winter!

One of the worst parts of moving is packing! However, it was during that agonizing process that I realized how much stuff I have. After painstakingly assessing my wardrobe, several trips to Salvation Army to drop off clothes, a large trash bag of stuff given to one of my besties, I still had 7 huge suitcases full of clothes. I should be slapped if I ever utter the words “I have nothing to wear!” So here was my dilemma, what to take and what to leave behind? It was painful to say the least. Some of my favorite clothes are my summer dresses and I just couldn’t leave them. Thankfully, with a few simple additions I can wear them in winter too!

Ok, here are two of my favorite summer dresses that I got from WetSeal. Fashion tip - If you find something you really like, that fits and looks good on you, buy it in a few different colors.

Belt from Primark, Pink H&M Sweater, Wool blazer (can't remember where I got it) and Ankle Boots from Barratts.

First photo was sort of a joke because if you didn't notice it's a pair of tights twisted into a "flower." Still looks cute! The vest I got from Gibbons in Bermuda and the purple top from Primark. The heels, another favorite, my mom got for me through her bridal boutique.

Add boots, leg warmers (love them!), tights or jeans and you're all set! With the addition of just a few items your favorite summer clothes can double as winter attire. Oh and a decent coat, but I figured you already knew that.

(Dancing between photos! :P) Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Best News Ever!

Saturday, 24 October 2009


Welcome to Inside the Dressing Room, my first attempt at blogging! Yay! This will be very trial and error but hopefully interesting as well! I’m Reanna, a transplant from the sunny island of Bermuda now living in London! Being here has reignited my love of FASHION at all levels. There are no rules here which allows for experimentation and discovery and its evident everywhere. I’d been playing with the idea of doing a blog or vlog for awhile when I read the Marie Claire article, “Why You Should Care What I Wear.” A fashion blog. Now that’s something I could really have fun with!

Ok, so what to do first? SHOPPING! I know I’m conforming to a well known female stereotype and while I can’t speak for all women in my case it’s true. I love clothes! I love clothes, shoes, bags, and all the accessories that go along with them. Sometimes I even dream about clothes. =) Anyway, off I went to TopShop.

With nothing in particular in mind, I picked up the first things that caught my eye. (1) A Floral Print Jumper, (2) Navy Satin Boyfriend Blazer and, (3) a Lace Dress. I was actually surprised how well the jumper fit and once on, thought it would look really cute with a wide belt. (But they don't let you take belts into the changing rooms.) The feel of the satin blazer was great and I like how it dressed up the jumper. Below, channeling Madonna in the lace dress, which was basically see thru, that fit me perfectly. Cool for a night out at the club with some really hot ankle boots.

Next I went to Primark, which is either a dirty word or treasure chest, depending on your perspective. And this is what I found...
So what do you think? Love the shape and of course the sequin! And last my favorite purchase of the day, my new SHORTS! (yes, it's still warm enough for shorts!) Check out the button detail.

Lesson learned from this experiment -> Wear neutral tights when trying on clothes, especially if you're taking pictures. Purple doesn't go with everything.