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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Seasonal Essentials -> Finding the Perfect Summer White Tote!

Now we can’t all afford Prada, so here are some cute, budget friendly bags I found.

I’ll put a * next to my favourites.

From New Look 

Zip Pouch Shoulder Bag £20

 I wasn't crazy about the ruffle bits on the side.

Slouchy Tassle Bag £20

Overall I thought the New Look bags were cute but they felt really cheap and I was worried they wouldn’t last past the summer. Have you bought a bag from New Look and it’s stood the test of time?


Ruched Front Grab Bag £28*

I really liked the braiding in the straps, the “gold” buckle detailing and the polka dot lining. A very classy bag.

The Paris by Marc B £35

A chic Chanel mimic!

Mischa Barton Ivory Tote Bag £60*

I generally hate, out of principle, when actresses become “designers” but I must admit I’m loving Mischa’s bags!

From Jane Norman 

Quilted Shopper Bag £25


Chain Threaded Round Lock Bag £25

I LOVE Jane Norman bags because they are reasonably priced and feel very durable. However, I had the same problem with both of these bags, the shape! They are very square and just stuck out from my body too far. I could imagine me bumping people on the side walk and worst yet a crowded club with my square bag.

After much debate I choose this one! It's got that cool slouchy look and the "gold" detailing and label give it a designer feel without the price tag. Best of all its HUGE! 

 Me & my bag!
Happy Shopping Everyone!

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