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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Outfits that work for spring, summer, fall & winter!

One of the worst parts of moving is packing! However, it was during that agonizing process that I realized how much stuff I have. After painstakingly assessing my wardrobe, several trips to Salvation Army to drop off clothes, a large trash bag of stuff given to one of my besties, I still had 7 huge suitcases full of clothes. I should be slapped if I ever utter the words “I have nothing to wear!” So here was my dilemma, what to take and what to leave behind? It was painful to say the least. Some of my favorite clothes are my summer dresses and I just couldn’t leave them. Thankfully, with a few simple additions I can wear them in winter too!

Ok, here are two of my favorite summer dresses that I got from WetSeal. Fashion tip - If you find something you really like, that fits and looks good on you, buy it in a few different colors.

Belt from Primark, Pink H&M Sweater, Wool blazer (can't remember where I got it) and Ankle Boots from Barratts.

First photo was sort of a joke because if you didn't notice it's a pair of tights twisted into a "flower." Still looks cute! The vest I got from Gibbons in Bermuda and the purple top from Primark. The heels, another favorite, my mom got for me through her bridal boutique.

Add boots, leg warmers (love them!), tights or jeans and you're all set! With the addition of just a few items your favorite summer clothes can double as winter attire. Oh and a decent coat, but I figured you already knew that.

(Dancing between photos! :P) Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. nice. love em all.

    And YAY for that large bag of clothes given to one of your "besties" ;) WOOHOO!

    Still think of you every time I wear your yoga pants ;)

    I've been meaning to test out some more summery dresses with warmer styles so I can use this as a starting point. Thankies, love XOXO