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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

OoTD - They Call Me Mellow Yellow!

I LOVE the colour yellow! Unfortunately in the winter time I go an awful shade of albino white. LOL (Difficult to believe but true.) So in the summer, when I've regained my caramel complexion, I reach for yellow tops, shorts and anything else I can get my greedy hands on.


& bottom

Elle Magazine talks about the trend towards lemony tones in, Seeing in Citrine!

Bright Cutoff Denim Shorts from Forever21
Chicks with Brains t-shirt from Forever21

(Soooo cute!)

Broderie Ruffle Knee Skirt from JaneNorman

Encrusted One Shoulder Dress from JaneNorman
(couldn't get the photo, follow the link)

Anyone else love yellow?

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